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watercolor paintings, watercolor clothing, water color mugs and iphone cases - Andraws Art

Hello there!

Welcome to Andraws!


My name is Andreea Nae and I will be your guide on this visual journey. I started as an architect in Romania and slowly became a watercolorist based in the Netherlands.

My artistic odyssey started in 2009, when I was preparing for university by taking drawing classes. I began focusing more on painting a few years later, when I discovered watercolors, and it was love at first sight.


I am very passionate about painting animals, portraits, and cityscapes, but I will never back up from a challenge. Whatever I find beautiful, I transform it in watercolor.


My style stands out because of its vibrant and bold colors, combined with spatters and a messy effect. That’s how life is, after all: a bit messy, but beautiful, nonetheless.

I created Andraws in 2017 and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon. Whether I’m making prints or custom orders, the same amount of passion and interest goes into all my work. And I am happy I can share them with you.

My portfolio is always expanding, and my dream is that, one day, you can go shopping for something in a store and you pick my design as the perfect anniversary gift.


Thank you for choosing Andraws and I hope to see you more and more,



For custom work, collaboration, events, licensing & sales inquiries, or anything else, please contact me.


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