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Corporate workshops

Absolutely anyone — CEOs, designers, engineers and accountants, introverts and extroverts — can learn how to paint and make their everyday life more creative. I am here to help and encourage you and your team to explore and discover this new and beautiful side, in a relaxing and de-stressing environment.

Painting workshops are a fun, relaxing and accessible way of boosting your creativity and relieve stress

I am now offering online and in-house corporate workshops for companies, no matter their background. I design custom experiences that will help connect and inspire your team. My main focus is to use these workshops as a means to provide you with a relaxing and happy experience during these challenging times — not only will you and your colleagues learn and develop a new skill, but also take home a beautiful and unique artwork made by you.


Looking at a blank canvas might seem scary at first, but I will guide you and your team step-by-step throughout the entire painting process — by the end of our workshop, you will come to see any blank canvas as your creativity and imagination's best friend! Creating something using your own hands and creativity is a powerful experience, and it can have many important benefits:

  • Relieve stress - painting requires focus but at the same time allows a person’s mind to relax. This will definitely help you to let go of many of the problems that might contribute to a high-stress level.

  • Boost creativity - painting involves logical challenges: namely, how to structure your painting; but also imaginative ones, like trying to visualize our work before we even start. As such, both the left, rational side of your brain and the right, creative side will come together and help each other.

  • Feeling of satisfaction and optimism - the joy of painting comes from two main factors: on the one hand, the feeling of growing and expanding your artistic skills; and on the other, the artwork itself will stay with you (or your loved ones), and remind you of the entire process.

  • Enjoying the process without worrying  about the final result - this is something we often seem to forget in our daily lives, with all the rush, responsibilities deadlines that surround us. In painting however, the process is just as important as the end result!

  • Develop your problem-solving skills - watercolor can be a very unpredictable medium, you might think of a watercolor painting as a succession of controlled accidents — as such, you will quickly learn to adapt, come up with creative solutions and think outside the box.

watercolor paintings, watercolor clothing, water color mugs and iphone cases - Andraws Art


I will adapt the topic and time frame to your team's needs. I will also either prepare a list of recommended supplies or, if you prefer, I will assemble a watercolor kit with all the supplies needed, to be sent to each participant.



Your team can attend the online workshops comfortably from home or the workplace. I also recommend materials that are accessible and easy to find, to facilitate the planning.



Participants of all levels are more than welcome — the least experienced participants often produce the most surprising results!

I encourage everyone to communicate and share their artworks.

watercolor paintings, watercolor clothing, water color mugs and iphone cases - Andraws Art


I will guide your team live on Zoom throughout the whole painting process. Depending on your needs, we can agree on a topic, time-frame and supplies kit. The workshops will be planned in a way that is accessible to everyone, no matter their experience or artistic skills. I love to encourage questions during the workshop. In the end, everyone has the opportunity to share their artworks and what they have learned!

watercolor paintings, watercolor clothing, water color mugs and iphone cases - Andraws Art


The topic and time frame are also planned in advance, but I will come to your location and host workshops for groups of up to 30 people. I will also prepare all the supplies needed for the workshop, to facilitate your planning. Live workshops are the perfect platform for encouraging questions and interaction between participants, resulting in a very positive and constructive environment.

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If you want to learn more about my corporate workshops and pricing, please fill in this contact form or send me an email directly to

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