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WORKSHOPS - Choose the option that works best for you!


Recorded videos

Get the montly subscription and you will have access to 20+  (over 50h) recorded workshops.


Live workshops

Join the online workshops and paint live with me. You can ask for questions and get feedback in real time.

Painting benefits:

Develop your problem-solving skills

Watercolor can be a very unpredictable medium, you might think of a watercolor painting as a succession of controlled accidents — as such, you will quickly learn to adapt, come up with creative solutions and think outside the box.

Boost creativity

Painting involves logical challenges: namely, how to structure your painting; but also imaginative ones, like trying to visualize our work before we even start. As such, both the left, rational side of your brain and the right, creative side will come together and help each other.

Enjoying the process

This is something we often seem to forget in our daily lives, with all the rush, responsibilities deadlines that surround us. In painting however, the process is just as important as the end result!

Relieve stress

Painting requires focus but at the same time allows a person’s mind to relax. This will definitely help you to let go of many of the problems that might contribute to a high-stress level.

Satisfaction and optimism

The joy of painting comes from two main factors: on the one hand, the feeling of growing and expanding your artistic skills; and on the other, the artwork itself will stay with you (or your loved ones), and remind you of the entire process.

Andraws Art - Profile.jpg

Meet your instructor!

Andreea Nae

Teacher and founder of Andraws Art

Hi! I'm Andreea and I will be your instructor during all these workshops. My paintings found their new homes on all continents and my artistic work has been appreciated by houndreds of customers that purchased my artworks. I love teaching and I am here to share my expeerience with you. I have been painting almost daily for over 5 years and I managed to develop my own artistyc style. During my workshops I will share all my knowledge with you so that you can rapidly learn how to paint any subjects using traditional but also modern watercolor techniques. 

5 Reasons to choose my workshops:


By following my workshops you will learn the most important thing when it comes to  watercolor painting: how to get rid of your fear and loosen up your style. I will show you how to enjoy the process without thinking about the final result.



You can pick the level of difficulty you prefer. You can start with an easy workshop and once you get more confident you can try something more challenging.



My workshops are made to be followed step-by-step and you can paint in parallel with me. Each workshop has its own particularities, so you will be able to learn not only the traditional watercolor techniques, but also tips and tricks that I discovered during the past 5 years of experiencing with this medium. 



I have a large variety of topics that you can choose from: wildlife, cityscapes, florals or seasonal illustrations. This way you can decide on your own what topic fits you best.



I always choose as reference illustrations that can be reproduced without using too many fancy supplies. You can paint most of these illustrations using just a basic watercolor kit. 


Pick your favourite theme:

026_Sea turtle_3000x3000_JPG.jpg


013_Amsterdam house_3000x3000.jpg


Lemons branch_ paper texture.jpg




Join me!


Who are these workshops for?

These workshops (live and recorded) are meant for people that want to realax and destress in a creative way, while learning a new skill. Your age, profession, location or experience are not important. The workshops will be in English, so a good understanding of the language is important.  

What kind of workshops can I choose from?

You have two options: you can either choose from the upcoming live workshops (hosted on Zoom) or the recorded ones that you can follow at your own pace, whenever and from wherever you want. The recorded ones are in fact the live classes hosted in 2021 on Zoom, recorded  and uploaded to my website.

Are there different workshop themes?

Yes! The recorded workshops have different themes - this way you can be sure you will not get bored! Moreover, you will find out about different techniques and tricks with each theme. You will learn how to paint animals, botanicals, cityscapes and even seasonal illustrations!

How many workshops can I choose from?

This is the awesome part about the monthly subscription for the recorded workshops - during one month, you can watch as many workshops as you want, as many times as you want! There are over 20 different workshops that you can choose from and over 40h of videos!

How does the subscription work?

In order to watch the recorded workshop, you will have to become a member by gpurchasing a monthly subscription. This will offer you the possibility to attend over 20 workshop (more than 40h or tutorials), for one month, as many times as you wish. This subscription will renew automatically after one month, but it can be cancelled at any time!

This is the first time painting. Will I succeed?

Definitely! My recommendation is to start with a beginner class and then advance to the intermadiate ones. I had beginner students that also joined more advances classed and they were very happy with the result. So don't worry about that! As I said, it is more important to enjoy the process, rather than focus on the final result. 

What kind of supplies do I need?

Each class will have a list of supplies that we will use, but really - don't stress too much about that! It is perfectly fine if you start with some basic supplies: watercolor paper, a set of watercolor paints and some brushes. These are easy to find at an affordable price. During each class I will give you more information about supplies and make some recommendations in case you want to buy some supplies similar to the ones I normally use. 

Can I watch the workshops at any time?

The live workshops will be scheduled at a specific date and time, so you can paint together with me in real time.

The recorded workshops will be available based on a monthly subscription and you can watch them at any time, for as many times as you want. You can also skip to the parts that you are interested in. 

How do I access the classes?

For the live workshops, you will receive a confirmation e-mail once you book your spot. This e-mail will contain a link to a Zoom meeting that you can access at the scheduled date and time.

For the recorded workshops, you will have to apply for a monthly subscription and once you are logged in to my website, you will immediately have access to over 20 recorded workshops from your membership menu.

Are the workshops available worldwide?

Yes! Both live workshops and recorded workshops are available worldwide. For the live workshops you will have to be careful and check the date and time (since you might be on a different timezone), but the recordings can be followed from anywhere, at any time. 

How can I pay?

Both the live workshops and recordings can be securely paid through my website using a credit/debit card, PayPal or iDeal. The default currency is EURO, however the total can be converted for you to your contry's own currency. You can view the converted total when you reach the check-out page. So there is no need to worry about the exachange rate, as this is automatically done for you!

Can I get a refund?

The live workshops can be fully refunded up to 3 days before the live workshops.

The monthly subscription for the recorded workshops can be fully refunded in the first 24h after purchase. As soon as you cancel, you will loose access to all recorded videos. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Or course! You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, from your membership menu. 

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