Greek Morning


€ 30


3h 15min


Beginner / Intermediate

About the Course

Watch the watercolor workshop recording where I will guide you through the entire painting process so that in the end you will have your own personal piece of watercolor art, ready to frame!

During this English workshop, you will learn watercolor techniques and tricks: I will show you how to make the pencil hand-sketch, paint a smooth morning sky, work with light and shadow and then paint some loose florals.
I will show you how to paint this illustration step-by-step and, in the end, I will answer all questions you have regarding the painting process. Don’t worry: you can use what you learn here to paint anything, from landscapes to portraits.


-Watercolor paper (A4 size or similar), 300g, 100% cotton, cold pressed
-Watercolor set
-White gouache
-Watercolor round brush size 6/7/8, a large one for the first layer (size 14/16 - can be round or flat, preferably natural hair) and a small round brush for details (size 0/1/2)
-Black liners, waterproof
-Mixing palette
-Water container
-Masking tape

Andreea Nae


Andreea Nae

Hi! I'm Andreea and until today I have taught hundreds of people how to use watercolor. I have been painting for 5 years and I am constantly developing both my painting and teaching skills.