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Welcome to Andraws

Custom paintings and colorful prints

My name is Andreea Nae and I will be your guide on this visual journey. I started as an architect in Romania and slowly became a watercolorist based in the Netherlands.

I am very passionate about painting animals, portraits, and cityscapes, but I will never back up from a challenge. Whatever I find beautiful, I transform it in watercolor.

My style stands out because of its vibrant and bold colors, combined with spatters and a messy effect. That’s how life is, after all: a bit messy, but beautiful, nonetheless.

My portfolio is always expanding, and my dream is that, one day, you can go shopping for something in a store and you pick my design as the perfect anniversary gift.

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Animal lovers

If you love animals and nature, this is the perfect section for you! You can choose from wallpaper art prints to

t-shirts, phone cases or mugs!


Travel addicts

Perfect wall decoration that will make you remember your favorite holiday or your home town!

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Perfect gift

If you need a personalised gift, send me a photo and I will reproduce it in my unique watercolor style!

Working together

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My portfolio contains a constantly updating collection available for licensing. My main topics are animals, fruits and vegetables, flowers and cityscapes. I'm always interested in building new licensing relationships and expanding my partnerships.

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I started my watercolor career making custom portraits and until now I worked with over 70 clients creating unique hand painted portraits of people and pets. The process is very simple: you send me a good photo and I will reproduce it in my unique watercolor style! 

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